Top 3 Cutest New Anime [2022]

Anime always brings us unique storylines with cute characters. Looking back,we have seen many kawaii anime characters that have won our hearts instantly. These characters are the central figures of some of the most heart-warming storylines.


The entire anime community is expecting some more new anime loaded with chibi and cute characters this year. Today, We are going to talk about the top 3 cutest new anime that have been released so far in the winter of 2022.

3. Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department



World Domination is the desire of Agastya, an evil organization operating under the command of Lady Akashic. Agastya conducts research and experiments on hybrid monsters and uses them as combatants against heroes.


Touka Kuroitsu is a cute teenage girl working as an assistant in the Monster Research Department of Agastya. She appears to be a dedicated girl who always ends up in troublesome situations because of her evil boss (Lady Akashic).


Despite being an employee of an evil organization, Touka is forced to fight her own boss for a less hectic life. However, this little rebellion of Touka might prove to be more difficult than she ever imagined, as going against Lady Akashic is like embracing death.


The anime features some cute hybrid monsters like Wolf Bate, a clumsy monster girl. It is definitely worth watching if you are up for some fantasy stuff with lots of characters. This series is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Animix Play.

2. She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man



Set in a world that is progressing towards virtual reality games at a great pace. Many popular virtual reality games like Arch Earth Online are played by people of all ages.


Sakimori Kagami is a middle-aged man obsessed with the Arch Earth Online Game. He spends most of his time in this game as a powerful wizard. However, a certain incident changed his life completely as the game’s virtual world became his reality.


Sakimori used his excessive digital coins of the game to craft a short girl avatar for himself. Upon waking the next day, he finds himself in the body of his avatar girl Mira. With this strange situation in hand, Sakimori must find the root cause of it all while exploring this world as Mira.


The anime features elves, loli girls and their adventurers. If you are looking for a game-oriented storyline with a kawaii short girl as the protagonist, then do give it a shot. It is available to watch on Funimation.

1. My Dress-Up Darling



My Dress-Up Darling is one of the most intriguing anime released in 2022. The anime exists to promote the cosplaying culture with a ‘wholesome’ storyline.


Wakana Gojou is a young high school student living the life of a loner. In childhood, he suffered from a tragic incident that caused him to hate the entire concept of friendship. Nevertheless, Gojou inherits his grandfather’s passion for making Hina Dolls. Although he is not as good at it in comparison to his grandfather, he can still sew beautiful clothes for the dolls.


He is approached by Marin Kitagawa, a cute girl with a stand-out personality. After learning of his talent, she asks him to make cosplay clothes for her as she is obsessed with cosplaying Ero-game characters. However, the bold and charming nature of Kitagawa might be too strong for Gojou to handle.


The anime features a cute gal girl and her impact on the ordinary life of a lonely guy. The anime is available for streaming on various sites like Crunchyroll and Animix Play etc.


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