10 New Anime To Check Out This Season


It’s only been a couple of months and yet, 2022 has been very rewarding. At least in terms of all the new anime it has to offer.

There are plenty of sequels to many well-loved anime, and then there are also tons of genuinely intriguing new anime that you should definitely check out.

Well then, let’s talk about them.

Shall we begin?


 10-Shuumatsu no Harem (World's End Harem)

The story begins with a somewhat sexist virus eradicating 99.9 percent of all men.

In the end, the number of men left in the world can be counted on one hand. Obviously, the protagonist named Reito Mizuhara also survived the epidemic. He was in cryogenic sleep for the past five years.

And now, the entire female population seeks these five men. Since they are the planet’s most precious resource, they are given lives of extreme luxury and are tasked with repopulating the Earth.

However, Reito is in a mental dilemma. The girl he loved went missing three years ago, and now all these women need his seed.

What will he do? Will he be able to resist the temptation and save himself for his loved one?

Only time will tell.



9-Slow LoopSlow Loop is yet another refreshing anime about Cute Girls doing cute things. Though in terms of quality, it still isn’t up there with Yuru Camp or K-On. A soothing watch, nonetheless.

There is Hiyori Yamakwa, ever since she can remember, her father has been quite the odd ball. However, there is this one activity that she always enjoyed doing with her father.

It’s a sport called Fly Fishing. Now that her father is dead. She engages in this activity with her new friends and reminisces about the times she used to do this with her father.

Though her relationship with her new friend Koharu might turn out to be a lot more complicated than it seems.



8-Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu (The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt)The King of the Kingdom of Natra is on his deathbed.

The man wants his son to inherit the kingdom and help it garner some glory and prestige.

However, while the Prince has already made a name for himself when it comes to being capable and wise, he isn’t much of a ruler. In fact, he plans on orchestrating an auction to sell the kingdom.

And now that he is the King, no one can stop him either.

He decides to make the Kingdom a little more valuable before selling it, but whatever he does, his own plans surpass his expectations, and he quickly becomes the nation’s hero.



7-Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku (Akebi's Sailor Uniform)Animated by the Studio “Cloverworks.” This anime has a pleasant yet extraordinary style when it comes to art and animation. Definitely not what you would expect from an average slice of life.

Plus, the plot is rather unorthodox too, at least in its approach.

Its about a girl who has always adored Sailor uniforms. Though when she enrolls into a prestigious middle school, she comes to realize that the school no longer has Sailor uniforms. Fortunately, they make an exception and allow her to wear one.

Just like that, Akebi’s Sailor Uniform life begins.



6-Sasaki to Miyano (Sasaki and Miyano)This season we also have an actually good boy love anime. The anime doesn’t feature anything explicit, just a gradually developing relationship between two fellows who have a thing for each other.

There is Miyano and Sasaki. One fateful day, Sasaki saved Miyano from a group of bullies, Miyano first had a silent admiration for his upperclassman who just saved him. But as Sasaki continued to tease him with words like “cute” and whatever along those lines, Miyano starting getting annoyed.

Yet another fateful day, Sasaki comes to learn quite an interesting secret about Miyano. He likes Boy Love manga.

Now how will their story continue?



5-Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to (Life with an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout)Isekai anime generally follow the same template, but it is that extra spice of novelty that makes them fun to watch.

Such is the case with this one.

A boring, somewhat lifeless man is summoned to another world along with his handsome best friend. The summoner in fact turns out to be a bare-naked goddess.

Of course, since she didn’t even have her clothes on, she messed up.

She accidentally turned the boring guy into a beautiful young girl. And now, unless they defeat the Demon King they can’t get back to their world.

Now, together with his, or should I say, her handsome best friend. How will their journey continue?



4-Sabikui BiscoSabikiu Bisco is an adventure fantasy that takes place in a post-apocalyptic Japan.

There were mushroom spores who brought upon this catastrophic state of the world.

A man named Bisco Akaboshi, also known as, “Man-Eating Mushroom,” is an S-tier wanted criminal as everyone believes that his arrows grow those mushrooms.

Little does anyone know, he is a man fighting to protect the land in order to return it to its former, fertile state.

He sets out on a journey to find a legendary mushroom that’ll finally set things in order.



3-Ryman's Club (Salaryman's Club)We have all these anime set in high school, very few of them set in college, but it is exceedingly rare to see an anime set during work life.

There is a badminton business group called Ryman’s club. The players are all salaryman considering how it’s up to them to take care of the growth of the business in addition to their own growth as players.

There is Mikoto Shiratori who maybe a badminton prodigy, but he still has PTSD from his inter-high tournament. Then there is the exceptional Tatsuru, the two of them become friends, and along with the other members…

Their work and sports life continues.



2-Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My Dress-Up Darling)My Dress-Up Darling is the talk of the town.

Every week you’ll see countless memes coming out of its latest episode.

A high schooler named Wakan Gojou finds pleasure and bliss in sewing clothes for his dolls. Of course, since no one around him shares the same hobby. He always goes the extra mile just so he can hide what he does during his free time.

Then there is Marin Kitagawa, she is an exceptionally confident and beautiful girl, always surrounded with people, the textbook definition of a popular girl.

Though when she learns of Gojou’s hobby, she confesses her own hobby, which is to cosplay, and just like that, the two of them embark on the pursuit of working together on one cosplay at a time.



1-Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings)Ranking of Kings is an anime that completely took the anime community by surprise.

Adapted by the legendary Wit Studio, there isn’t any innate complexity when it comes to the basic storyline. Just an emotional rollercoaster dashing through the track.

The story follows a deaf prince who is unable to hear or speak. He is next in line to take the throne but hardly anyone sees him as a worthy successor. They talk behind his back, unaware of the fact that the prince can read lip movements.

Slowly, all those heavy emotions began piling up within the Prince’s heart. How long will he be able to endure all this ridicule?

That too, all alone?

Fortunately, someone who can listen and understand him appears.

A shadow creature becomes infatuated with him, and vows to be by his hand in his pursuit of becoming the greatest king.

I’d say, the plot might sound simple, and it is, at least, in the beginning. But the emotions you’ll feel while watching it are very real.

So there you go guys, these are the Top 10 New Anime this season you should be watching!

Though “World’s End Harem” and “Ranking of Kings” came out a little before the rest of them. All of these anime are currently ongoing. If you want a taste of the hype, definitely give them a shot.

That’s all folks!

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